It is always important to take your medications as prescribed by your Dr.  If you find you are having problems while on a medication talk to your Dr as soon as possible.  Do not just stop taking the medication because some medications will have side effects if just stopped instead of reducing the amount of the medication.

Some medications can have side effects such as being tired all the time or other known side effects that are listed with the medication usually.  If you are experiencing side effects that are bad you need to talk to your Dr and tell them what is going on.  They usually will change dosage or medications that may not have the same side effects.

I have been on several different medications over time that the side effects were bad.  From hallucinating and hearing things to uncontrollable shaking of my hands where I was unable to even sign my name because it was so bad.  I talked to my Dr about it and my medications were changed again and now I don’t have all the problems I once had.

It is also a guessing game what will and won’t work for each person. What may work for one person may not work for another. It is a lot of trial and error when it comes to finding the right medication combinations to make you feel better.  I found the medications I am currently on still have some side effects however they aren’t that bad so I deal with it the best I can. My hands still shake a little bit from time to time but my mood is fairly stable right now but I am able to deal with it.

Before I was on any medications my mood and depression level would be all over the place depending on my situation and what was going on. I couldn’t get the help I needed because at the time I didn’t have medical insurance then when I did it didn’t cover Mental Health. My primary care Dr prescribed an anti-depressant for me that did make a little bit of a difference in my depression and mood however when my Dr upped my medication I started having side effects that weren’t good.

I went in to the Dr’s office and tried to get help for getting my medication reduced however Obamacare had taken over and my Dr never returned my messages or saw me when I was there. I was having bad side effects from the medication and tried stopping taking it but that just made things worse.

Eventually I ended up moving to another county and transferred my medical records and got a new primary Dr. When I saw my new primary Dr I told them what was going on and they changed the dosage back to the lower dosage. at the time I was temporarily staying with family for over a year during this time and things weren’t getting any better for me. Then I was told I needed to find somewhere else to live and ended up on the streets again with no where to go.

I ended up becoming very suicidal where I wanted to end my life and decided to check myself into the emergency room at the hospital. They kept me over night and they were going to let me leave or I could be transferred to a mental hospital where they would have me on a 72 hour hold. I decided to go and be checked in to the mental hospital where i ended up not getting the help I needed at the time.

I ended up staying in the hospital for over a week before I finally started getting the help i needed from the Dr’s there. I ended up writing down what was going on with me and gave it to one of the people there to read. shortly after that I saw the Dr again and talked about what was going on with me and came up with an exit plan to get me out of the mental hospital. After that things started falling into place where I was finally getting the help I needed.

While I was at the hospital I made a few new friends that I keep in touch with from time to time.  some are doing a bit better and others have been back in the hospital a few times now.  There was a few times while I was homeless and on the streets that I nearly ended up back in the hospital but with the support from friends and family in general and the new medications I was able to stay out of the mental hospital.

Now after several different medications with trial and error I am at least stable where before I wasn’t.  So remember to take your medications even if you start feeling better because it is why you are feeling better.  If you aren’t feeling better at all and actually feel worse then talk to your Dr about what is going on and see if they will change your medication for you. Never just stop taking your medications because they can have worse side effects than while you were taking them.


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