Fed Explores Option to Launch Digital Currency

Fed Explores Option to Launch Digital Currency

Please read the following story that was found on Newsmax.com By Nick Koutsobinas  then return to this page to read what is posted here


By David Fischer


The truth about this story is the government wants to fully have control of your money and you and the power to take what they want. They want to make us a cashless society making it so only digital money would exist. The democrats are all for taking your money and retirement away from you. I get newsletters from multiple sources and more than 1 political party that have talked about what the government is trying to do. They also talk about build back better aka the great reset where you wouldn’t even have any retirement left because the government wants to reset everyone except the rich to $0 so no one would be able to retire.

The government is also trying to destroy our way of life and get rid of our freedoms that we take for granted. They want to take away our freedom of speech, they want to do away with the constitution, they want to take away our guns so we can no longer protect ourselves,  in short they are trying to make us just like china,  communist country where the government has full control of you and your life. they want to dictate to you what you can and can not do. and there are people that are stupid enough to believe that this way of life would be better. they are also targeting our religious beliefs where they want to eliminate religion period.

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