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I joined 05-19-2014 and am checking out there program to see if it is worth while to join or if it is just another site that that claims they pay for doing stuff online.

The reviews I have read seem to be positive feedback and from what I have experienced so far has been reasonably good so far.  I have been completing simple task and getting credit for each task in general.  Watching videos online takes a little time to earn 3 swag bucks for watching 10 videos.

While your watching the videos the sb meter will add 1 to the bar till you reach 10.  Once you get credit for watching the video you can move on to the next video when you are ready.  If you have already viewed a video before the bar is missing and it will show a message about you have viewed that video before.

You can also fill out surveys, play games, and do other task to earn more.  Searching the internet can also pay you more however you may only get paid like 3 times a day it looks like for searching using their search engine.  You also may have to do many searches to actually get credit for your searches so try to use the Swagbucks search box at least 2 or 3 times a day (morning, afternoon & evening) when you are able to for the most chances at extra points.

You can also print out coupons and get additional Swagbucks when you use the coupons in stores.

If you do a few task every day you should be able to make enough Swagbucks by the end of the month you should accumulate enough credit to get one of the many rewards from the reward store.  The rewards vary but for as little as 450 SB (Swagbucks) you can get a $5 Amazon gift card or for 500 SB you can get a $5 gift card from a variety of other stores.

If you would like to sign up for Swagbucks click the link here.

Note: Swagbucks password length is 6-12 characters.


Just a quick update.  I have found a few offers that even after completing the task they don’t give you the Swagbucks as stated in the offer.  There have been a few that are a quick 2 Swagbuck task and answer several questions.  One for example was a quick survey regarding mattresses.  I went through step by step filling out all the information and then the page changed to show the results of the survey and no options other than to close the window and no credit for your time.  1 of the watch this video for 2 Swagbucks didn’t pay out for me ether however most did so far.

For the regular surveys overall they are as I expect in general.  These surveys usually take more than 5+ minutes to complete and offer more points depending on how long they take to fill out.  Also some may say they take like 20+ min to fill out and as you start answering there questions and you may get a sorry but you don’t qualify for this survey.  Some times they will pay 1 Swagbuck just for trying and spending a few minutes of your time trying to fill out the survey.

So just be aware that even though you may start a survey you may not be able to complete the survey due to the answers you give.  But it is good when they at least give you 1 Swagbuck for trying to complete the task.

Also if you have no new survey offers try refreshing the page.  sometimes there are more that will pop up for you to try to complete.

5-25-2014 – Finally have over 500 Swagbucks and could cash out for a $5 gift card however I am going to try for a larger amount before I cash out my current points.  This is due to in part of actually being able to complete a long survey that I actually was able to complete and get the points for it.  Now if i could just get more like that where I was able to answer the survey in full and get full credit for the time it took i would be making a lot more Swagbucks in a short time.

6-3-2014 – With as little time I spend on Swagbucks and the few surveys I do get full credit for I think Swagbucks is worthwhile to join for some extra spending money however until I actually cash out I can not comment yet on the rewards yet.  But so far if you just take a little time and hit the Peanut Labs for surveys, watch the videos occasionally,  and complete a few different things here and there I think anyone could make around 1,000 Swagbucks a month or a lot more if you qualify for more surveys along with other available ways to make more swagbucks.

6-07-2014 – Hit 1000+ Swagbucks today.

I will update this again after I get enough SB to get my rewards once I have any further updates or cash out my Swagbucks and recieve my rewards.

7-31-2014 – Hit 1500+ Swagbucks and still going.  My Target is 2500 Swagbucks

10-04-2014 – Cashed out 2500 swagbucks for $25 PayPal today.  Pending Payment….  First time requires verification before payment.  PayPal Verification & Pin Code that they will send by text or mailing address

10-06-2014 – Swagbucks $25 Paypal Payment Received today.  Final thoughts about Swagbucks.  If you are looking for a way to make a little extra money then it is one of several programs that should be worth your time and effort.

07-31-2015 – I haven’t had a lot of time to spend on Swagbucks this last year.  It has taken almost a year again to get 2500 Swagbucks doing the daily poll, searching the internet using Swagbucks search, a few surveys here and there, along with other activities.  Considering how little time I have put into collecting Swagbucks over the last almost year it isn’t bad to make an extra $25 for a few minutes of work here and there doing Swagbucks activities.

11-10-2015 – Just an update… I haven’t actively been working on my Swagbucks activities until just recently.  I just recently started working on the surveys and such again and am almost ready to cash out for another $25 PayPal payment.  Though not all surveys I have tried to complete paid out more than 1 Swagbuck I have had some surveys that have paid more than 100 Swagbucks that have more than made up for the ones i didn’t get to complete.

01-19-2016 – Swagbucks update.  Second $25 Paypal Payment Received.


Updated: May 19, 2014 — 5:40 pm

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