Month: June 2014


TrueCrypt Alternative:

TrueCrypt Alternatives: The following programs range from free open source, viewable source and closed source software titles and may be available for 1 or more operating systems including Windows, Mac & Linux based systems. AES Crypt: AxCrypt: BestCrypt: BitLocker:  CloudFogger: Compusec: Cryptonite: DiskCryptor: Encrypted Data Storage (EDS): FreeOTFE: Kruptos 2 Professional: Luksus: RealCrypt: tcplay: TruPax:

How Private Browsing Works

How Private Browsing Works. Private Browsing come in many names depending on the web browser you use. Internet Explorer – InPrivate Browsing. Chrome – Incognito Mode. Firefox – Private Browsing / Private Window. Opera – New Private Tab. Safari – Private Browsing. It uses the same basic features in every web browser.  While private browsing […]


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