Browser Extensions

Browser Extensions

The other day I was looking for something other than the default new tab page for Google Chrome that I could add the links I wanted to show instead of the default ones that would show up on the new tab.  I went searching for some sort of extension that might allow me to customize the links shown in the new tab window and I ran across this extension that is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Maxthon.

X_tab_page_1X New Tab Page

New Tab Page is an extended application of the browser which is based on HTML5.
X New Tab Page is an extended application of the browser which is based on HTML5. It offers several features such as speed dial, cloud addition, and cloud backup to enhance the original New Tab.


I have been testing out this extension in Google Chrome and have found that I like a lot of the features that it offers.  Now I can have all the pages I want show up on the new tab window.  it has a lot of settings that can be tweaked and you can drag the dial boxes around to organize your links how you want.  You can have up to 21 dial boxes (12 are shown in the picture above) per page.  There are still features that I am figuring out but so far I am enjoying the easy access to the sites I want to visit most by opening up a new tab and selecting the page I want to visit.

Overall this is a reasonably good browser extension for features offered.  I have recently added the extension to Firefox and it is pretty much the same.  I noticed when I looked for the extension through the Firefox extension it was disabled by an administrator.  I had to go through the site directly and install the extension but it does raise the question to why it was flagged by an administrator.  It may be that it backs up your settings to there servers but it is just a guess.

Overall I like this new browser extension and as long as I don’t find any issues with it I will probably continue using it because of the layout and setup for the new tab window.

One other note…

Make a backup of your settings locally by creating a manual backup.  You can rename this backup file to like   Be sure that the .data extension remains the same.  This will allow you to import your settings to the extension.  Also if you use more than 1 supported browser such as Google Chrome & Firefox you can set up one how you want then import the settings to the other browser

This extension also includes ads that popup to there affiliate links.  Looking into modifying my extension to remove there ads….

Updated: June 7, 2015 — 12:00 am


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