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Android Apps For Your Device

Android Apps For Your Device

GPS Navigation


Are you looking for an app to get directions for your GPS enabled Android device?

Try MapFactor: GPS Navigation – Android Apps on Google Play.  This app has been recommended as one of the top apps on a few sites.  This app has 2 versions in one.

Navigator Free – Uses OpenStreetMap that is free of charge.
Navigator – Uses TomTom and require purchase to use.

You can choose to always remember your selection so you can skip one of the screens when it loads.

You will need to do a little bit of work to set it up but once it is setup it offers a free GPS navigation system for your device that is GPS enabled.  You will need to download the maps you want to use by country / state and then with a little work you can add destinations to My Places for saving the location.  You can also go back to rename your locations that you save in My Places.


Updated: March 7, 2018 — 4:09 pm


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