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Dialup & Broadband Internet Service Providers

Are you looking for a free or cheap internet service provider. try one of the sites listed here.

When choosing a dial-up ISP it is best to find 1 that doesn’t require software to log in. This can make it easier to figure out where the issues is if you are unable to connect to the service. Some people may choose to install software from there ISP for extra features.

When choosing any internet service provider watch out for promotional deals. They can end up sometimes costing more in the long run. Some also require you to pay for a year of service up front to get there special pricing.

Most free ISP’s have restrictions on usage such as time limits etc.  A few don’t have any restrictions on legitimate usage.

List of Free Dialup Internet Service Providers

Find your Local Calling Area

It is your responsibility to make sure that any number you dial is a free call from your location.

Find your Local Calling Area – If you are in an AT&T service area, use this link to access AT&T’s tool to verify if it will be a free local call from your location. (Provides information only for calls originating from AT&T non-wireless prefixes in California, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.)

Cheap and other Dialup Internet Service Providers

Alternate Free ISP w/ads and limited time per month.
Save copy of software for a backup isp only. Even paid accounts get junk mail ads in inbox.   – Rating: **   – Rating: **

Dialup ISP’s to stay away from if others are available.

AOL – Rating: *

In order to get on line with AOL you must install there bloated software. (As far as i am aware you still are required to install there software to get on line) The typical install can take a good chunk of space and also changes computer settings and can be time consuming to remove the software completely. While you may get up to 3 months free to start off with they can be much more expensive than other isp’s. Prices vary with plans.   – Rating: **   – Rating: **

There software is required to get on line. (Small Download and install size) They also like to spam your inbox with ads even if you pay for the service. Free Service has an ad window. paid service has a bar across the screen. Juno has 2 software choices for dialing up. Small download like netzero or there old e-mail/internet program. These 2 services are best as an emergency backup for when your main service is down.

Free & Cheap High Speed ISP:

(Purchase of device may be required)


Last checked and updated: April 09, 2019

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