April 26

(TEK) Greeting Cards

(TEK) Greeting Cards.  When other’s just won’t do, (TEK) Greeting cards is here for you.

This section contains a collection of cards that can be displayed on a computer with Windows OS without additional software.

Valentines Day Cards:
Valentines Day 1   sound

Mothers Day Cards:
Mothers Day 1   sound_mute

Halloween Cards:
Halloween Greeting Card   sound
Halloween Greeting Card 2   sound

Thanksgiving Cards:
Thanksgiving Card 1   sound
Thanksgiving Card 2   sound

Christmas Cards:
Christmas Card   sound
Santa Card   sound_mute 
Merry Christmas   sound

Birthday Cards:
Birthday Card 1   sound
Birthday Card 2  sound

(TEK) E-Greetings.  When other’s just won’t do, (TEK) E-Greetings is here for you.

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