David Fischer

Hello, I’m David Fischer, a freelance web designer, and I set up websites for individuals. While I’m based in Placerville, California, I help build websites for people that don’t know how to.

Over the years I have worked on mostly my websites but have since expanded into setting up and running websites for others. Currently, I maintain the Temple Baptist Church of Sacramento Website.

I learned to code websites back in 1999 writing each line of code in HTML using an HTML editor. In recent years I started working with WordPress learning how to set up and edit the different settings.

I specialize in setting up and configuring the following…

WordPress. From theme(s) and plugin installations and also setting up WordPress Multi-Site when needed.

WordPress sites are tested on several devices to make sure they display across Android phones/tablets and Windows PC.

Basic setup and configuration of WordPress starting at $100.00 This includes installing WordPress, installing select themes & select plugins including Jetpack from wordpress.org

WordPress Multi-Site Setup adds $20.00 (the 1-time charge for shared hosting sites only.) (Dedicated WordPress hosting may or may not offer multi-site hosting depending on what service you go with.

Need web hosting and domain name? I use Namecheap  (<–Affiliate Link) shared web hosting for the websites I build.

When choosing a hosting plan be sure to include SSL so everything remains secure when logging in to the site(s)

Need help in deciding what hosting package is right for you? Need someone to keep your site up to date with the latest patches to themes and plugins? For an extra monthly fee, I can keep your website up to date with the latest security updates. Maybe you just want to post to WordPress and want someone else to deal with the rest for you, I offer different plans for different people. Need to keep your WordPress site backed up. for an additional fee, I provide a backup for your entire site through the Jetpack plugin.  You can contact me for more information by filling out the contact form with the subject web hosting.

Domain &amp; Hosting bundle deals!