Metro By T-Mobile 5G Home Gateway Review

Metro By T-Mobile 5G Home Gateway Review

I am doing a Metro By T-Mobile 5G Gateway review after just a few days of use and will update this post if there are any changes to the review that I feel are worth mentioning.


So far I have been pleased with the speed of the service. Upload speeds are in the 30+/- Mbps range and download speeds are in the 70+/- Mbps range.  This varies depending on time of day.

The initial setup with the app can use some work. Depending on your device you may run into some minor setup issues with the app.  I had to install the app on my android tablet to get it to work with minor issues due to my android phone not liking to open the next parts in the app. There still were minor issues setting it up with my newer android tablet that required me to start the setup over once or twice however once the 5G Gateway is setup and you name your network and set the password for the network and admin password your good to go.

On a computer you can access minimal features of the 5G gateway such as Wi-Fi name and password, see current signal strength when the page was loaded and a few other minor things.

The 5G gateway also has 2 ethernet ports that you can connect other devices to. this can come in handy if you want to run your own router or connect your devices directly to the 5G gateway. The built in wireless works really well for my current use but later I plan to use ethernet for most of my connections to the 5G gateway.

They also have no data cap with there service so there is no worrying about how much data you use like some other services. I haven’t yet gamed on this 5G gateway however I will soon be testing that out on my pc.

Overall If you receive a good signal (3 bars) or better you shouldn’t have any real issues most the time.

Review by David Fischer 3-19-2022


Update 12-18-2022

I have found an issue that causes problems with certain services like webhosting cPanel if you are working on your own website it won’t let you log in because it says your IP has changed. I verified this is happening with rapidly changing IP addresses. there is also many reports on forums about this issue. I had to use my older cellphone and tether my data to bypass the IP address has changed issue.  hopefully in a near future update they will fix this problem with there rapidly changing IP addresses. mine changes like within a minute or less at times. other than that issue I have been happy with the service.

One other thing to note is I get all 5 bars for signal strength after turning my 5g gateway until it went from 3 to 5 bars.


Updated: December 18, 2022 — 11:03 am


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