My Updates 06-29-2019

Clan of the Red Band

It has been a while since i have added any new information to the site and thought i would just take some time to let you all know how I am doing.

I have been seeing my psychiatrist on a regular basis roughly every 3 months.  My current mental status is stable due to the combination of medications I am on now. One of the medications I am taking still make my hands shake a little bit when I do stuff but it isn’t nearly as bad as it was originally.  Then I also get light headed at times when I am trying to do stuff. Other than that I have been doing well enough with no real complaints about anything.

I have been trying to keep busy with stuff as I am able to.  I volunteer to help out with stuff at my church because I am able to work at my own pace when I feel up to working for a while. If I over do it with working on stuff my hands start shaking more and usually last for a few days.  So I try not to over do it and know when I am hitting my limit because my hands start shaking again uncontrollably.  I also have to watch that I don’t get light headed while I am doing stuff.  I have nearly passed out a few times because it was that bad.

I am still getting SSI for income so I am able to pay for stuff I need like my rent, food, cellphone and internet access bills etc.  I am also able to set aside a little every month for other stuff as i need it being that my rent is cheap compared to anywhere else I have found.

Recently my computer monitor and mouse decided to stop working so I had to buy a new computer monitor and mouse.  I also upgraded my keyboard, video card and added a headset with microphone for my computer system.  Next I think I will work on upgrading my motherboard, cpu, and memory along with a new case later as soon as I have enough money set aside to do it.

Well that is about all to report right now.  I am still keeping in touch with friends from the hospital that I have contact info for.  Unfortunately some people I knew in the hospital I lost touch with when I left the hospital. I still keep them in my prayers and hope they are doing well now.