Clan Newsletter #2

Clan of the Red Band

Greetings from Clan of the Red Band

This is the Clan newsletter #2

In this issue we will look at…..


Dealing with depression is a multi step process. First is getting on the right combination of medications to help stabilize your depression. Once you finally find the right medications you should start feeling better and not as depressed as you once were.

Another thing you should do is look into 1 on 1 counseling that you can talk to this person about how you are feeling and how you are doing.

The last thing on this list is group therapy. Group therapy is a way to get together with others like you that are dealing with some of the same issues and discuss your issues with others.

Eventually you may not need to be on medications and go on to live a normal life. In some cases, you may only take minimal medications compared to what you take now.

Whatever you do don’t just stop taking your medications just because you feel better. Also, if you aren’t getting better after a month or so on your current medications talk to your psychiatrist. Some medications take time to start working. Discuss this with your Dr.

As always you are in my prayers.