Clan Newsletter #3

Clan of the Red Band

Greetings from Clan of the Red Band

This is the Clan newsletter #3

In this issue we will look at…..

Social Anxiety Disorder

Those that deal with social anxiety disorder can often have problems communicating with other people. Depending on how severe there case is others may or may not notice that you may have a problem.

Unlike other anxiety disorders Social Anxiety Disorder affects communicating with others. Sometimes people may just say your shy and need to talk more but it is more like you may want to say something but just can’t no mater how much you want to.

Sometimes a way to communicate is by text messages, email, or any other way that you can get the words to come out.

Even with these methods it still can be hard to communicate but you have time to figure out what to say before you send your message to the person you want to tell.

The right combination of medications may help make it easier to deal with.

As always you are in my prayers