Clan Newsletter #5

Greetings from Clan of the Red Band

This is the Clan newsletter #5

In this issue we will look at…..

Medications and there side effects.

Some medications we may have to take to help with one thing may cause other issues called side effects. Different medications will have different side effects.  Sometimes the side effects from a medication can be worse than what it treats.

If you find that after starting a new medication you start having other issues that you didn’t have before you should talk to your Dr.  You can also look up side effects for the medication you are taking online to figure out if the new medication are causing the issues.

You shouldn’t just stop taking your medication on your own.  You should talk to your Dr first to let them know what is going on with the new medication and that you are having issues. Some times they may adjust your medication and the side effects may go away over time. some times they may prescribe another medication to take to deal with the side effects of the other medication.

I have had to deal with different side effects from medications that I have taken.  One medication my Dr changed to a lower dosage after I talked to him about the issues I was having after starting the new medication.  My hands were shaking uncontrollably after I started taking a new prescription.  After I told my Dr about how bad my hands were shaking when I tried to do anything he reduced the dosage of the medication and now I only have occasional minor shaking of the hands.

Another medication I was on before was making me see and hear things that weren’t there. After I told my Dr about the issues with seeing and hearing stuff that wasn’t there he took me off the medication and started me on another medication instead that didn’t have that side effect.

One of the first medications I was on my Dr at the time upped the dosage on it and I was having bad side effects from it. I tried and tried to get in touch with my Dr at that time but they wouldn’t return my calls or see me. I finally tried to stop taking the medication and it was even worse than when I was on the medication so I started taking it again.  I eventually saw a different Dr and told them what was going on and they reduced the dosage back down to what I had been taking before.

Just remember to to talk to your Dr and keep them informed of any issues you have with your medication. In an emergency situation you may have to visit an emergency room if you have a bad reaction to a medication. They may take you off that medication and you will need to follow up with your Dr telling them what happened when you took the medication that they prescribed.

Also when you get a new prescription you should find out any side effects that it may have so that if you start having a side effect from the medication you can contact your Dr if you start having issues from the medication.  You can also talk to your Dr or pharmacist about the new prescription beforehand about any potential side effects you may have with it and find out what to do if you do have a side effect from it.

As always you are in my prayers

My Updates 06-05-2019

It has been a while since i have added any new information to the site and thought i would just take some time to let you all know how I am doing.

I have been seeing my psychiatrist on a regular basis roughly every 3 months.  My current mental status is stable due to the combination of medications I am on now.

Before I finally found the right combination of medications I had some bad experiences from some combinations of medications I was on.  One medication i was hallucinating seeing and hearing things that weren’t there. I dealt with that for some time until my Dr changed my medications again.

One of my medications that I am still on actually makes my hands shake uncontrollably however my Dr lowered the dosage of that medication and I have minimal shaking of my hands now. When I go out to eat my hands shake a little while eating but other than that I really can’t complain too much.

Before the medication dosage was lowered I couldn’t even sign my name because my hands were shaking so bad.  I find that if I work on doing certain types of stuff for more than a few minutes my hands start shaking a little bit and if I do other stuff too long my hands will shake for several days after I did what ever it was I was doing such as yard work.

Before I started taking medications I used to be very suicidal and wanted to end my life.  When I first was put on medications for my depression it helped just slightly by making it a little easier to keep from hurting myself but really wasn’t doing much more than that.  The Dr I had at that time upped my medication Anatriptyline 25mg to 50mg dosage and I started having more problems than before.  I tried repeatedly to get a hold of my Dr at that time between going in and calling to try to get my medication changed and my Dr wouldn’t see me.

At this time Obamacare had taken over and my insurance must have changed and I would guess that my Dr didn’t take my current insurance at that time. I never did find out why my Dr wouldn’t see me because I changed counties from Yolo County to Sacramento County.  That in it’s self was a nightmare and finally after like a month of going between Yolo County and Sacramento County the worker from Sacramento County finally contacted Yolo County directly and they fixed the issues that were preventing me from switching counties.

After I got the mess switching counties fixed I was able to get signed up for medical insurance through Anthem BlueCross – Medi-Cal.  I then was able to make a Dr appointment with my primary Dr and told her what was going on with my medications and she lowered the dosage back to the original dosage and I started not having the problems I was having with the higher dosage.

Eventually I ended up checking myself into the hospital because I was suicidal and wanted to hurt myself.  I spent the night at the regular hospital and was going to be released by them when I told them I still was suicidal they made arrangements to transfer me to the mental hospital and was informed that I would have to stay there for the 3 day hold.

After I got to the mental hospital things didn’t get better right away.  I tried to explain to the Dr there what I was going through and it was like they didn’t care what I had to tell them.  I ended up in the hospital for like 10 days I think before I finally got the help I needed and was able to make plans to be released from there after I had written down what I was going through and the problems I was having trying to communicate with the Dr there.

After I got out of the mental hospital things started turning around for me.  I was finally able to get on the road to recovery and started getting the help I needed.  I was able to finally get a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Anxiety Disorder. I was also taken off the Anatriptyline and was put on some different anti-depressants.

Through a lot of trial and error I finally found a combination of medications that have kept me stable now.  The only drawback to my current medications is the one medication I am on still makes my hands shake a little but it really isn’t a problem for me unless I end up doing certain types of things for too long.  other than the side effect of shaking of hands, my mental issues are under control now.

I still have physical problems that I have to deal with.  When I first ended up homeless and on the streets I had went from not riding my bicycle at all for more than a year to riding it for miles every day and ended up having bad leg cramps and hand cramps.  I had no choice but to keep riding to get to where I was trying to go at the time and ended up doing permanent damage to my hands and legs. My hands go numb and tingly at times and my legs give me problems from time to time however I find that I mostly have the problems with my hands and legs when I am trying to work on stuff.

I also get light headed all the time.  going from laying down to sitting up or to standing I can get very lightheaded at times.  I was diagnosed in Yolo County – West Sacramento with Orthostatic Hypotension I think is what it was. I think the Dr said that my blood pressure dropped when I sat up or stood up. I have had this problem some time before I ever saw a Dr for my issues and was one thing that I was diagnosed with while I was staying in West Sacramento.

Recently I was telling my psychiatrist about I was getting light headed and he asked how much liquid I drank each day.  When I told him how much I usually was drinking he said I should like double my liquid intake because it could be why I am getting light headed.  So I am now trying to drink more liquid each day and hopefully my lightheaded problem will go away more.

There has been times that I have nearly passed out from getting lightheaded.  It is not a fun when you may just reach down to pick something up and you start getting really lightheaded.  I have learned if I do certain things when I get lightheaded I can make it not get as bad as it will get if I don’t do it a certain way. I am just thankful that I haven’t blacked out yet though a few times I nearly did.

Well I hope everyone is doing better and getting the help they need.  I know some of the people I know are doing better since I last talked to them while others aren’t doing as well as they should be yet.  But I also know that it can take a lot of trial and error to find the correct medications to make things better for you.  Also never stop taking your medications even if you are feeling better unless your Dr tells you to stop taking it. The medications are what is helping to make you feel better and if you just stop taking them you can have bad side effects and even end up in the hospital again.

As for me….  I am doing well.  Just thought I needed to post something new today to the site even though small parts of this post are just repeated from other parts of the site.  I also noticed that I was missing some stuff on my site here so I updated it today so everything is now posted on this site.

My Updates 4-29-2019

Update.  I have been getting the help i needed for my issues for some time now and am stable on my medications i am taking and i have been stable now for just over a year now. i do have a few minor side effects from the medications i am taking such as shaky hands once in a while and lightheaded when i get up. other than that i am doing pretty good now. i am also now on SSI so i was able to get off the streets and into a room for rent situation that is working out just fine for me.


It is always important to take your medications as prescribed by your Dr.  If you find you are having problems while on a medication talk to your Dr as soon as possible.  Do not just stop taking the medication because some medications will have side effects if just stopped instead of reducing the amount of the medication.

Some medications can have side effects such as being tired all the time or other known side effects that are listed with the medication usually.  If you are experiencing side effects that are bad you need to talk to your Dr and tell them what is going on.  They usually will change dosage or medications that may not have the same side effects.

I have been on several different medications over time that the side effects were bad.  From hallucinating and hearing things to uncontrollable shaking of my hands where I was unable to even sign my name because it was so bad.  I talked to my Dr about it and my medications were changed again and now I don’t have all the problems I once had.

It is also a guessing game what will and won’t work for each person. What may work for one person may not work for another. It is a lot of trial and error when it comes to finding the right medication combinations to make you feel better.  I found the medications I am currently on still have some side effects however they aren’t that bad so I deal with it the best I can. My hands still shake a little bit from time to time but my mood is fairly stable right now but I am able to deal with it.

Before I was on any medications my mood and depression level would be all over the place depending on my situation and what was going on. I couldn’t get the help I needed because at the time I didn’t have medical insurance then when I did it didn’t cover Mental Health. My primary care Dr prescribed an anti-depressant for me that did make a little bit of a difference in my depression and mood however when my Dr upped my medication I started having side effects that weren’t good.

I went in to the Dr’s office and tried to get help for getting my medication reduced however Obamacare had taken over and my Dr never returned my messages or saw me when I was there. I was having bad side effects from the medication and tried stopping taking it but that just made things worse.

Eventually I ended up moving to another county and transferred my medical records and got a new primary Dr. When I saw my new primary Dr I told them what was going on and they changed the dosage back to the lower dosage. at the time I was temporarily staying with family for over a year during this time and things weren’t getting any better for me. Then I was told I needed to find somewhere else to live and ended up on the streets again with no where to go.

I ended up becoming very suicidal where I wanted to end my life and decided to check myself into the emergency room at the hospital. They kept me over night and they were going to let me leave or I could be transferred to a mental hospital where they would have me on a 72 hour hold. I decided to go and be checked in to the mental hospital where i ended up not getting the help I needed at the time.

I ended up staying in the hospital for over a week before I finally started getting the help i needed from the Dr’s there. I ended up writing down what was going on with me and gave it to one of the people there to read. shortly after that I saw the Dr again and talked about what was going on with me and came up with an exit plan to get me out of the mental hospital. After that things started falling into place where I was finally getting the help I needed.

While I was at the hospital I made a few new friends that I keep in touch with from time to time.  some are doing a bit better and others have been back in the hospital a few times now.  There was a few times while I was homeless and on the streets that I nearly ended up back in the hospital but with the support from friends and family in general and the new medications I was able to stay out of the mental hospital.

Now after several different medications with trial and error I am at least stable where before I wasn’t.  So remember to take your medications even if you start feeling better because it is why you are feeling better.  If you aren’t feeling better at all and actually feel worse then talk to your Dr about what is going on and see if they will change your medication for you. Never just stop taking your medications because they can have worse side effects than while you were taking them.

Please DON’T commit SUICIDE. You’re not CRAZY, ALONE or EXPENDABLE!

Please DON’T commit SUICIDE. You’re not CRAZY, ALONE or EXPENDABLE!

Some of us deal with suicidal thoughts on a daily basis while others only think of suicide when we are going through tough times.  If you are going through times that you feel like life is no longer worth living and you have no one else to turn to please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.  You are not alone and you don’t have to go through it alone ether.

Clan Newsletter #4

Greetings from Clan of the Red Band

This is the Clan newsletter #4

In this issue we will look at…..


If you struggle with anxiety everyday tasks can be overwhelming at times to say the very least.

Stuff like shopping, going out to eat, or anything else can be hard to deal with. You could end up having an anxiety attack where you become over whelmed and just feel like you need to get out of there quick. Panic, fear, anxiety like this can be overcome with the right treatment.

If you feel like this you should talk to your psychiatrist and find out if you do have anxiety issues and what medications are available that can help ease these feelings.

As always you are in my prayers

Clan Newsletter #3

Greetings from Clan of the Red Band

This is the Clan newsletter #3

In this issue we will look at…..

Social Anxiety Disorder

Those that deal with social anxiety disorder can often have problems communicating with other people. Depending on how severe there case is others may or may not notice that you may have a problem.

Unlike other anxiety disorders Social Anxiety Disorder affects communicating with others. Sometimes people may just say your shy and need to talk more but it is more like you may want to say something but just can’t no mater how much you want to.

Sometimes a way to communicate is by text messages, email, or any other way that you can get the words to come out.

Even with these methods it still can be hard to communicate but you have time to figure out what to say before you send your message to the person you want to tell.

The right combination of medications may help make it easier to deal with.

As always you are in my prayers

Clan Newsletter #2

Greetings from Clan of the Red Band

This is the Clan newsletter #2

In this issue we will look at…..


Dealing with depression is a multi step process. First is getting on the right combination of medications to help stabilize your depression. Once you finally find the right medications you should start feeling better and not as depressed as you once were.

Another thing you should do is look into 1 on 1 counseling that you can talk to this person about how you are feeling and how you are doing.

The last thing on this list is group therapy. Group therapy is a way to get together with others like you that are dealing with some of the same issues and discuss your issues with others.

Eventually you may not need to be on medications and go on to live a normal life. In some cases you may only take minimal medications compared to what you take now.

Whatever you do don’t just stop taking your medications just because you feel better. Also if you aren’t getting better after a month or so on your current medications talk to your psychiatrist. Some medications take time to start working. Discuss this with your Dr.

As always you are in my prayers

Clan Newsletter #1

Greetings from Clan of the Red Band

This is the first Clan newsletter.

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Sometimes prescriptions aren’t enough to overcome your problems. Sometimes you may need counseling and group therapy to better understand what you are going through and learn how to better overcome your problems. Group therapy can be a way to connect to other people that are going through the same thing you are. Also sometimes just having someone there to listen to you can also help.

As always you are in my prayers


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