My Updates 06-29-2019

Clan of the Red Band

It has been a while since i have added any new information to the site and thought i would just take some time to let you all know how I am doing.

I have been seeing my psychiatrist on a regular basis roughly every 3 months.  My current mental status is stable due to the combination of medications I am on now. One of the medications I am taking still make my hands shake a little bit when I do stuff but it isn’t nearly as bad as it was originally.  Then I also get light headed at times when I am trying to do stuff. Other than that I have been doing well enough with no real complaints about anything.

I have been trying to keep busy with stuff as I am able to.  I volunteer to help out with stuff at my church because I am able to work at my own pace when I feel up to working for a while. If I over do it with working on stuff my hands start shaking more and usually last for a few days.  So I try not to over do it and know when I am hitting my limit because my hands start shaking again uncontrollably.  I also have to watch that I don’t get light headed while I am doing stuff.  I have nearly passed out a few times because it was that bad.

I am still getting SSI for income so I am able to pay for stuff I need like my rent, food, cellphone and internet access bills etc.  I am also able to set aside a little every month for other stuff as i need it being that my rent is cheap compared to anywhere else I have found.

Recently my computer monitor and mouse decided to stop working so I had to buy a new computer monitor and mouse.  I also upgraded my keyboard, video card and added a headset with microphone for my computer system.  Next I think I will work on upgrading my motherboard, cpu, and memory along with a new case later as soon as I have enough money set aside to do it.

Well that is about all to report right now.  I am still keeping in touch with friends from the hospital that I have contact info for.  Unfortunately some people I knew in the hospital I lost touch with when I left the hospital. I still keep them in my prayers and hope they are doing well now.

Clan Newsletter #5

Clan of the Red Band

Greetings from Clan of the Red Band

This is the Clan newsletter #5

In this issue we will look at…..

Medications and their side effects.

Some medications we may have to take to help with one thing may cause other issues called side effects. Different medications will have different side effects.  Sometimes the side effects from a medication can be worse than what it treats.

If you find that after starting a new medication you start having other issues that you didn’t have before you should talk to your Dr.  You can also look upside effects for the medication you are taking online to figure out if the new medication is causing the issues.

You shouldn’t just stop taking your medication on your own.  You should talk to your Dr first to let them know what is going on with the new medication and that you are having issues. Sometimes they may adjust your medication and the side effects may go away over time. sometimes they may prescribe another medication to take to deal with the side effects of the other medication.

I have had to deal with different side effects from medications that I have taken.  One medication my Dr changed to a lower dosage after I talked to him about the issues I was having after starting the new medication.  My hands were shaking uncontrollably after I started taking a new prescription.  After I told my Dr about how bad my hands were shaking when I tried to do anything he reduced the dosage of the medication and now I only have occasional minor shaking of the hands.

Another medication I was on before was making me see and hear things that weren’t there. After I told my Dr about the issues with seeing and hearing stuff that wasn’t there, he took me off the medication and started me on another medication instead that didn’t have that side effect.

One of the first medications I was on my Dr at the time upped the dosage on it and I was having bad side effects from it. I tried and tried to get in touch with my Dr at that time, but they wouldn’t return my calls or see me. I finally tried to stop taking the medication and it was even worse than when I was on the medication, so I started taking it again.  I eventually saw a different Dr and told them what was going on and they reduced the dosage back down to what I had been taking before.

Just remember to talk to your Dr and keep them informed of any issues you have with your medication. In an emergency situation you may have to visit an emergency room if you have a bad reaction to a medication. They may take you off that medication and you will need to follow up with your Dr telling them what happened when you took the medication that they prescribed.

Also, when you get a new prescription, you should find out any side effects that it may have so that if you start having a side effect from the medication you can contact your Dr if you start having issues from the medication.  You can also talk to your Dr or pharmacist about the new prescription beforehand about any potential side effects, you may have with it and find out what to do if you do have a side effect from it.

As always you are in my prayers.

Clan Newsletter #4

Clan of the Red Band

Greetings from Clan of the Red Band

This is the Clan newsletter #4

In this issue we will look at…..


If you struggle with anxiety everyday tasks can be overwhelming at times to say the very least.

Stuff like shopping, going out to eat, or anything else can be hard to deal with. You could end up having an anxiety attack where you become over whelmed and just feel like you need to get out of there quick. Panic, fear, anxiety like this can be overcome with the right treatment.

If you feel like this, you should talk to your psychiatrist and find out if you do have anxiety issues and what medications are available that can help ease these feelings.

As always you are in my prayers.

Mental Health Videos

Clan of the Red Band

Greetings from Clan of The Red Band.

In this post we will be looking at mental health videos on YouTube.

Living with Bipolar Disorder

“Back From the Edge” – Borderline Personality Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder: A Devastating Look Inside The Minds of Social Anxiety Disorder Sufferers

Clan Newsletter #3

Clan of the Red Band

Greetings from Clan of the Red Band

This is the Clan newsletter #3

In this issue we will look at…..

Social Anxiety Disorder

Those that deal with social anxiety disorder can often have problems communicating with other people. Depending on how severe there case is others may or may not notice that you may have a problem.

Unlike other anxiety disorders Social Anxiety Disorder affects communicating with others. Sometimes people may just say your shy and need to talk more but it is more like you may want to say something but just can’t no mater how much you want to.

Sometimes a way to communicate is by text messages, email, or any other way that you can get the words to come out.

Even with these methods it still can be hard to communicate but you have time to figure out what to say before you send your message to the person you want to tell.

The right combination of medications may help make it easier to deal with.

As always you are in my prayers

Clan Newsletter #2

Clan of the Red Band

Greetings from Clan of the Red Band

This is the Clan newsletter #2

In this issue we will look at…..


Dealing with depression is a multi step process. First is getting on the right combination of medications to help stabilize your depression. Once you finally find the right medications you should start feeling better and not as depressed as you once were.

Another thing you should do is look into 1 on 1 counseling that you can talk to this person about how you are feeling and how you are doing.

The last thing on this list is group therapy. Group therapy is a way to get together with others like you that are dealing with some of the same issues and discuss your issues with others.

Eventually you may not need to be on medications and go on to live a normal life. In some cases, you may only take minimal medications compared to what you take now.

Whatever you do don’t just stop taking your medications just because you feel better. Also, if you aren’t getting better after a month or so on your current medications talk to your psychiatrist. Some medications take time to start working. Discuss this with your Dr.

As always you are in my prayers.

Clan Newsletter #1

Clan of the Red Band

Greetings from Clan of the Red Band

This is the first Clan newsletter.

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Sometimes prescriptions aren’t enough to overcome your problems. Sometimes you may need counseling and group therapy to better understand what you are going through and learn how to better overcome your problems. Group therapy can be a way to connect to other people that are going through the same thing you are. Also sometimes just having someone there to listen to you can also help.

As always you are in my prayers.

My Updates 1-12-2016

Clan of the Red Band

I just recently was finally diagnosed by my psychiatrist with several things that I already pretty much figured I had already with my own research and knowing what I am going through.  I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Anxiety Disorder.  This is the main things I have been dealing with on my own until a few years ago.  Now I have a regular psychiatrist to help with adjusting the medications and hopefully get my life back on track.

Before I had a psychiatrist, I was put on Anatriptyline 25mg and had some side effects however it did have one positive effect and that was it kept me from hurting myself overall.  however the last time i saw my primary Dr was before Obamacare took over and my Dr upped the Anatriptyline to 50mg and I started having bad side effects.  I attempted to get in touch with my Dr repeatedly over the phone and in person at the clinic however the response from the staff was always the same…  Someone will get back to me…  After months of going in and calling I finally gave up on ever getting through to my Dr in West Sacramento. Eventually I got a new Dr and told them what happened and they reduced it back to the 25mg dose of Anatriptyline.