Clan of the Red Band

Supporting one another through our problems.

Some people suffer from depression for years without even realizing it.  Others realize they are not OK but don’t understand why or won’t accept that they may be depressed.  Depression is just one of many mental illnesses that sometimes will go untreated for years until it gets so bad that hospitalization may be required.

Depression can be hard to deal with especially if you don’t have additional support.  If you don’t have a good support group along with the right medications coping with depression can be a never ending loosing battle.

Some people don’t seek help because they don’t think they have a problem or don’t want to take medications that could help them feel better or maybe they just don’t have the resources and information to find what they need to do to get the help they need.  Some don’t seek help because of family and or friends tell them they are fine or they just need to deal with there issues on there own.  This can make issues worse rather than better.

Medications can be a temporary solution to the issues but some people will not need to be on them for a long period of time while others may need to be on medications for the rest of there lives.

one on one or group talk therapy can help better understand and deal with the issues you may be facing.  if you choose one on one talk therapy you may miss out on some things that group therapy has to offer.  this can include other people’s experiences with the same or similar to what you may be dealing with.

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